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The SAP Business Technology Platform is considered the innovation driver in the SAP portfolio.

Provide the initial impetus for digitization in the company through the targeted use of services and development of applications.

SAP Business Technology Platform Innovation without limit

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is considered the innovator par excellence in the SAP product portfolio.
The platform enables continuous innovation, agility and brings great business value. Thus, SAP BTP enables the integration of third-party systems as well as the development of applications and extensions. These and other services enable rapid growth and digital transformation for any business.

Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

The SAP Business Technology Platform is an integration and enhancement platform. This allows you to connect system landscapes and create application extensions that focus on your business needs.

Decisive advantages

The success stories of our customers


Swiss construction company ERNE is building its path to digital transformation with the capabilities of SAP Business Technology Platform.

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Müller + carding

Shaping the future of the retail industry. With the chatbot, customers can track their orders at any time. This allows companies to concentrate more on their core business.

Explained briefly and understandably

SAP Business Technology Platform einfach erklärt

What is SAP Business Technology Platform?

SAP BTP is an integration and enhancement platform – Thomas Neuhaus explains what that means in the video.

SAP Business Technology Platform einfach erklärt

How does the integration work on the SAP Business Technology Platform?

Through SAP BTP, different systems with low code can be connected and communicate with each other via the Integration Suite – see how this works in the video.

Business Technology Platform Extension

How to build an extension with SAP Business Technology Platform?

Via SAP BTP, extensions as well as new applications can be connected to the ERP through interfaces. The digital core of the SAP system is kept free of third-party code.

Factsheet: SAP Business Technology Platform

Learn more about our customers’ success stories with SAP Business Technology Platform.

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